Babies will come when they want. Sometimes when we are ready and others when we aren’t. The later is true for us. I wasn’t packed and my husband was away at work still, set to come home the next day. Baby D arrived Wednesday October 15th at 7:54pm. I went to my regular 37 week prenatal visit that morning and had just missed my doctor who had to run out and deliver a baby so I had to wait and see the midwife, who is equally wonderful. She checked my cervix which had been just barely 1cm the week before. She had a slightly surprised look on her face and asked if I’d been tracking my contractions. Which I hadn’t because I mean I’d been having them for weeks and I was pretty settled into the idea of going until my induction date of the 29th. She thought it would be a really great idea if I went directly to labor and delivery to be monitored. I was 4cm on the outer edge and 2cm on the inside. With contractions pretty regular. I got over there around 1 and ended up admitted. They broke my water at 6:50, I can’t even tell you how long I pushed for. Honestly it was only 2-3 pushes and he was here all 6lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches. I can’t believe he’s here already and that I have a little boy finally after three girls. He’s perfect!



There are very few moments that really stick with someone. Like you know the moment you realize you love someone, or the first look at your newly born baby. The rest fades into the past and you rarely think of them. They become harder to dredge up.

For me this one day sticks so clearly. I barely even have to draw up the memory before I could actually relive it. Not that I would want to, or anyone else for that matter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 had started like most Tuesdays for me. I got up prepped for school and work which I would go to later that afternoon. I was attending Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn Michigan. I had an English class that morning and our professor was late but eventually showed up. As class was winding down we started hearing commotion outside of the room. We figured another class had just gotten out early, no big deal.

I gathered my things and headed toward my car. There was an argument going on between some students. Another group of them were hovered around a phone or something. I just went to my car since I wasn’t sure what was going on. I got in and to my surprise my favorite country station at the time was playing an announcement from the President. I thought maybe the station got changed or something, so I flipped through my other presets and sure enough he was on every station. I stopped to actually listen and thats when I heard that there had been some kind of accident in New York City. That a plane must have accidentally struck one of the Trade Center towers and they weren’t sure how it had happened.

I drove home listening to the news people comment. I went inside and woke up my mom and we turned on the Today show. Not moments later the second plane struck the second tower. It was the most horrifying moment of my life. To understand at that moment that there was no way that was an accident. My heart immediately ached for all involved. I prayed that there wouldn’t be anymore loss. I’d been praying that there was survivors after watching the towers fall, knowing in my heart that most who were still inside wouldn’t make it. Then to hear of the plane that struck the Pentagon. Another plane lost in a field where passengers had taken up against the hijackers, sacrificing themselves so that more countless lives could be saved.

Where my family lived in Michigan was along one of the main flight paths for the Detroit Metro Airport. The silence in the days that followed was mind numbing. You never really realized how tuned to things you become. You tune out the things that become so familiar. Kind of how we as Americans had become to terrorist threats. We took our own liberty for granted. We watched while in other countries terrorists attacked thousands, killing innocents just for the fun of it. We never really grasped that it could happen here. That we were susceptible to the same things. Only more so because we had become complacent.

I look at how things have changed since then. People are flying again without fear. They find it so annoying that they have to be subjected to searches and have to be scanned before going anywhere on a plane. They don’t enjoy having their freedoms hindered, even if those things hindering them are in fact there to keep them free. To keep them safe so that we don’t have a repeat.

A lot of people around this time reflect, they say “I’ll never forget” but they do. They push away the bad things when it’s making their day not go as smoothly as they want. The push away the negative in light of happier things. I’m not saying we should dwell on these things but I think we need to learn and adapt to them.

I have a feeling that with the growing threats around us, we as Americans need to really wake up. Really remember what happened before September 11, remember why they were able to get to us. We need to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Not by fearing it will happen but by preparing for the next wave.

I will never forget what happened. I think of it when I fly. How quickly life can change. I remember it when I hear of people hating whole groups of people and openly shunning them. I remember it when I look at a fire fighter or police officer, I especially remember it when I look at a military member! People who sacrifice daily for our freedoms and who we often ignore.

I will never forget because to forget is to take my own freedom for granted.

May God Bless and comfort the families who lost so much.

Today we closed on our very first home. It was built in 1971, my hubby’s parents bought it before their first son was born. My hubby was born and raised in this house as well. It’s amazing to me that we can now officially call it ours. Although I guess not technically until tomorrow, and the bank owns it until we pay it off in 30 years. But technically it is ours now. I’m so thrilled this process is over. The stress was so great and I hadn’t realized just how bad until the lady at the title company today said ‘and that’s the last one, let me just go get you some copies!’, the weight that was lifted was wonderful.

I look forward to living here and watching my children grow up in the house their dad did. I feel closer to my father in law here too. There isn’t many days that go by when I don’t think of him. Even today my hubby and I talked about him. I think it would put his heart and mind at peace to know that we love this house enough to stay as long as we can. Also that my mother in law has decided to stay as well.

Here’s to many more years of joyful memories.

Today my mother in law sold her camper trailer. It was something that was hard and sad to do. It was a part of Dad, and something she loved to do with him. We made some amazing memories in that trailer. I’m sure she made even more. I’m sort of sad because Miss A never got to sleep in that trailer, and never will. Neither will the peanut. It’s a reminder that he left us much too soon. Two of my children will never get to meet him this side of Heaven. It doesn’t sit well. Though, we all must keep on, I just hope that I can share enough with them that they may know how wonderful he was. I miss him daily. I’m so glad to have the husband I have, he reminds me of him often. I know that he was only my father in law, but he was so much more. He had become a friend that I loved to hang out with when everyone else was at work. Miss M and Miss V used to play with him, I pray they remember how much he loved them.

Saying goodbye to pieces of him is so bittersweet. Mainly due to how much of him we lost when we had our house fire back in 2012. Every little thing dredges up the memories. It’ll be 5 years in February since he went home to be with the Lord and still its all so very fresh.

It seems a little silly to get sentimental over a trailer, especially one I didn’t privately own. I am however very at peace with the couple who bought it from my mother in law. They will be able to use it for their dog handler they just hired. It’s a make shift home that will work perfectly for what they need it for. I’d like to believe that meeting them also put my mother in law at ease over selling it. That God had somehow lined up the perfect couple to own it.

This is how it is basically every night/morning. She came into the bed around 2 am this time. Not sure how it’s gonna work out once we have a newborn sharing as well. I wish I could come up with a way to get her to stay in her own bed all night. But on the other hand they are only this way for so long and she’s one of the best cuddle bugs! IMG_8167.JPG

This pregnancy has been pretty easy, if you ignore the constant heartburn and occasional cramps feeling. Signs that this is my body telling me that I shouldn’t have anymore I’m sure. That’s okay body, this is the last one I swear! Anyhow, this pregnancy has been different in that I now have hands that hurt nearly constantly. That whole pins and needles and numbness thing. I have carpal tunnel issues now. So, I’m giving a wrist brace a try on my right wrist seeing as it seems to be the worse of the two. Hopefully it helps, since nothing else will. I’m praying that the pain will go away shortly after the little dude is born. I’m just not sure how long I’ll be able to wear this thing, I can’t even stand to wear socks to bed.


So now that there are only so many days left I realize I never posted that I am pregnant. We are actually having a boy this time. Which is nice considering it’s our last. The peanut is due November 3rd.


Miss A is 21 months old today. It goes by so fast. She’s a huge ball of energy all the time and goes and goes until she finally conks out. It’s going to be so interesting to see how she is once the peanut is born


Miss M is a 4th grader and Miss V is a 3rd grader. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Here’s hoping this year is just as wonderful as last year!!


This year I had the pleasure of bringing it in with my DH, my sister and my brother! It wasn’t very eventful, watched a few neighbors set off illegal fireworks. Had some bubbly and played some Wii U.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy since then. Though we haven’t actually done very much. I’m not sure how that works but it seems by the end of the day I’ve done nothing but it was full. If someone could figure out how time passes this way I’d love to have them explain it to me.

I’m beat tired as I type this but I’m waiting for diapers to dry enough for me to leave them and go to bed. Thus is the glamorous life of a mom of a one year old. I’ve cheated on my cloth diapers lately though and I really should stop. It’s not too happy on the pocket book to keep buying paper diapers when I have a nice stash of fluff. On the flip side, I do feel like I’d love to add to said fluff stash and washing them makes me want to buy more.  Which really isn’t good on the pocket book.

I took my older girls to see Frozen today. Very cute movie and not exactly what I was expecting, which was refreshing. Possible spoiler ahead so if you’d rather you could skip to the next paragraph. I loved that it didn’t take a boy/man to fix the problem. That the girls had to look within themselves to break a curse. It was really quick paced and there was a lot of little comedy things that were cute. I loved that my girls got to see the strength of sisters. I look forward to owning this one once it’s released to dvd/bluray.

This year will be a fun one. I’ve decided to start a memory jar. Yes, as if I need more things to remember to do, but I think this one will be a good one. It’s sitting here on my desk and I look forward to adding more than just the one note I have in it so far. Hmm… perhaps I could add about the movie today. Yes, that was a happy memory, my mother in law even came along.

My resolutions for this year:

  • Get organized!
  • Meal plan, eat less processed meals, eat out only once every other week… hopefully!
  • Work out more, even if its at home.
  • Buy the house
  • Be content not to accomplish any of the above as long as my family is happy and healthy (me included) except for buying the house. That’s a very important one.

I’d also like to send my family birthday cards on time this year, and to my good friends. Oh and anniversary cards, whats the point of having the days marked in my calendar if I do nothing with it?

I’m off, I know this post is several days late but well, I’m a mommy first. Happy 2014, may the Lord bless anyone who reads this (even if you don’t believe in Him) greatly in this coming year.

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