Today my mother in law sold her camper trailer. It was something that was hard and sad to do. It was a part of Dad, and something she loved to do with him. We made some amazing memories in that trailer. I’m sure she made even more. I’m sort of sad because Miss A never got to sleep in that trailer, and never will. Neither will the peanut. It’s a reminder that he left us much too soon. Two of my children will never get to meet him this side of Heaven. It doesn’t sit well. Though, we all must keep on, I just hope that I can share enough with them that they may know how wonderful he was. I miss him daily. I’m so glad to have the husband I have, he reminds me of him often. I know that he was only my father in law, but he was so much more. He had become a friend that I loved to hang out with when everyone else was at work. Miss M and Miss V used to play with him, I pray they remember how much he loved them.

Saying goodbye to pieces of him is so bittersweet. Mainly due to how much of him we lost when we had our house fire back in 2012. Every little thing dredges up the memories. It’ll be 5 years in February since he went home to be with the Lord and still its all so very fresh.

It seems a little silly to get sentimental over a trailer, especially one I didn’t privately own. I am however very at peace with the couple who bought it from my mother in law. They will be able to use it for their dog handler they just hired. It’s a make shift home that will work perfectly for what they need it for. I’d like to believe that meeting them also put my mother in law at ease over selling it. That God had somehow lined up the perfect couple to own it.