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This is how it is basically every night/morning. She came into the bed around 2 am this time. Not sure how it’s gonna work out once we have a newborn sharing as well. I wish I could come up with a way to get her to stay in her own bed all night. But on the other hand they are only this way for so long and she’s one of the best cuddle bugs! IMG_8167.JPG


Miss M is a 4th grader and Miss V is a 3rd grader. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Here’s hoping this year is just as wonderful as last year!!


This year I had the pleasure of bringing it in with my DH, my sister and my brother! It wasn’t very eventful, watched a few neighbors set off illegal fireworks. Had some bubbly and played some Wii U.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy since then. Though we haven’t actually done very much. I’m not sure how that works but it seems by the end of the day I’ve done nothing but it was full. If someone could figure out how time passes this way I’d love to have them explain it to me.

I’m beat tired as I type this but I’m waiting for diapers to dry enough for me to leave them and go to bed. Thus is the glamorous life of a mom of a one year old. I’ve cheated on my cloth diapers lately though and I really should stop. It’s not too happy on the pocket book to keep buying paper diapers when I have a nice stash of fluff. On the flip side, I do feel like I’d love to add to said fluff stash and washing them makes me want to buy more.  Which really isn’t good on the pocket book.

I took my older girls to see Frozen today. Very cute movie and not exactly what I was expecting, which was refreshing. Possible spoiler ahead so if you’d rather you could skip to the next paragraph. I loved that it didn’t take a boy/man to fix the problem. That the girls had to look within themselves to break a curse. It was really quick paced and there was a lot of little comedy things that were cute. I loved that my girls got to see the strength of sisters. I look forward to owning this one once it’s released to dvd/bluray.

This year will be a fun one. I’ve decided to start a memory jar. Yes, as if I need more things to remember to do, but I think this one will be a good one. It’s sitting here on my desk and I look forward to adding more than just the one note I have in it so far. Hmm… perhaps I could add about the movie today. Yes, that was a happy memory, my mother in law even came along.

My resolutions for this year:

  • Get organized!
  • Meal plan, eat less processed meals, eat out only once every other week… hopefully!
  • Work out more, even if its at home.
  • Buy the house
  • Be content not to accomplish any of the above as long as my family is happy and healthy (me included) except for buying the house. That’s a very important one.

I’d also like to send my family birthday cards on time this year, and to my good friends. Oh and anniversary cards, whats the point of having the days marked in my calendar if I do nothing with it?

I’m off, I know this post is several days late but well, I’m a mommy first. Happy 2014, may the Lord bless anyone who reads this (even if you don’t believe in Him) greatly in this coming year.


I find it truly amazing how fun these girls are. My true heart wandering around outside of me!

This week has been so busy. I looked at my calendar and really, it shouldn’t have been so crazy. It was the final week of the semester at school for the girls, there was something every day basically. A four day week that felt like it was 15! Well not really I guess but it sure felt like it.

Our little Miss A has started walking. Like one day she wouldn’t even stand in the middle of the floor for you and now she’s all over the place. Doing laps around the island, carrying things around and exploring on her own. Its so exciting and yet so sad. A year goes by in a blink now and I just sometimes wish I could have time time back. Miss M is 9! I can’t wrap my head around that. I don’t feel like I should be a mom to a child that is halfway to an age where she could move out.

I thought for sure I’d be able to post from my phone. I’m hoping that I can now that winter break has started , maybe things will slow down. The Hubs comes home Monday afternoon, then Christmas is so close. I have a few things I still would love to pick up, things that need to be wrapped, but not a whole lot. I just need a couple minutes to breathe, a single day of hitting the pause.

Sorry for the randomness of this post, it’s late and I’m exhausted from a full week. But I just wanted to at least post something. It’s a goal.

I will confess that I am completely enamored with this little one! She’s already a year old and it breaks my heart. It goes by too fast so today when she was done nursing and had fallen asleep I chose to just snuggle her.


It’s raining today. So it’s a perfect day to cuddle on the couch with a snack and watch a movie. Current pick is Fox and the Hound.

I have a feeling though that there will be no progress at the house. So much for them being done with the roof by Friday.


I know its been kind of forever, I’m not even sure many people look here anymore for updates. Just thought I’d stop in and say hi, leave an update.

Life is kind of insane at the moment, odd huh for a stay at home mom? Yep it doesn’t seem to matter that I’m home theres still not enough hours in the day to remember everything I should do. It should be interesting come this fall when the girls start school.

After careful consideration Mike and I decided that homeschooling would be best for our family. With Mike’s work schedule it is just best. That way the week he is home the girls aren’t tied to a desk at school, we can plan day trips or whatnot without the worry of them missing school.

I’ve chosen IDEA as our program, now it’s just a matter of getting all of the information taken care of. I love that both girls will start this fall. V will be on a preschool curriculum and M will be doing kindergarten work. I’m very excited about the upcoming curriculum fair and hope that I can pick up quite a few of the materials that we’ll need. The girls know it’s coming too and are looking forward to it as well I think. Not the fair but the school part.

During the month of June we will be visiting my family and friends down in Michigan. I am very much looking forward to this trip. We haven’t been down to see anyone since August of 2007, it seems so long ago. I need to get away for a while. I didn’t think it was going to be all that big of a deal to me but after the events of last year and early in this one I need it.

I didn’t post it here but most of our close friends know about it, but Mike’s father passed away on February 9th. It’s still a big adjustment and we’re still learning how to cope with it.

Our girls are growing by leaps and bounds and we are forever amazed at how much joy they bring to our lives. Even if there are days when I really consider shipping them off to a boarding school halfway around the globe. We do love them to pieces though.

I’m not sure how much more there is to say aside from just letting people know that we’re alive and well. I’ll try to be better about getting updates posted here. It really is just a matter of sitting down to do it.

Hello my friends… you still with me? No?? Well I’ll update anyway.

It’s been a rather interesting two months since I last updated, yep two full months (and a couple days but who’s counting… really who?). Most of what I am about to share is actually good news. I know this is a rare occurrence for my blog and I would appreciate it if you just bear with me while I share. *insert a happy smile here*

Let’s see… first up… My father-in-law: He is in a step down hospital, awake and the only thing (other than his weight) keeping him down these days is the Foley catheter. Actually, a lot more is keeping him down but he is able to leave his room in his chair, its actually the only way he can be moved around. He can’t lift his left arm at all and his right he can barely lift but he is making improvements.

He has a bit of trouble with short term memory so if you ask him what he had for breakfast at lunch time he will recall something from three days ago. These are minor issues seeing as he’s stuck in a very mundane mode of operations for the time being. Meaning he wakes, eats at a set schedule, sometimes has therapy and sits around watching TV all day. You can see why his short term would be pretty much shot, everything is the same any ways.

They are talking about moving him to assisted living. This would be good in a lot of ways but my mother-in-law worries that it is to early. That and she feels more comfortable with the staff of the hospital at ready dispatch I think. The good is then instead of only half an hour of therapy every other day, just during the week, he will get therapy several hours a week, and gradually increase until he’s able to take care of himself again. Plus it won’t be nearly as boring for him.

His pain issues have been resolved amazingly enough! Praise God for a super smart doctor that found the problem the first day, a problem that my father-in-law has had for years now in his legs. Gout! Yep! Gout, he has been walking around with pain in his knees, that his personal physician had attributed to being overweight and diabetes, for years that could have been easily treated back when it started. He is now pain free, which is wonderful news since his therapy doesn’t hurt him so much anymore.

He has lost just over 20lbs since being in the hospital. I’m excited to see this come down further with his structured diet and the implementation of therapy and exercise. Hopefully he will continue with it when he eventually makes it home. That will be up to him and my mother-in-law, I’m hopeful that they will continue for not only their health but so they will be around longer for their sons and granddaughters.

All in all he is on the mend. I am so thankful for each and every person who has prayed for his quick mending. The good thoughts and prayers have not been overlooked by us and we appreciate each and every one of you.

Now… on to ‘us’.

Where shall I start… oh I know… Mike’s job.

In my last post I mentioned about a job that would have made a significant difference to our current hardships, a job that appeared to have been falling through at the time. Well, Mike got it, and started Monday.

The shifts are kind of going to take some time to get used to. Its a rotational job having him gone for two weeks at a time but returning him to us for a full week of down time. The increase in pay will ensure that we are no longer negative in our bank account, which is a huge relief to both of us. It will also ensure that we are able to do things as a family on that week in which he is home. He already has me making a list of different activities I may want to try.

This new job will also allow us the freedom to actively look for a house, hopefully next spring. I want to have a good amount of money saved up by then and I think if we stay pretty much on the same budget we’ve been on (just with a few minor adjustments) then we should be able to have a nice down payment and then some.

This year really has been rough for my family, not just Mike and I or his parents but for my family as well. I hate to see all the struggle going on. I just keep trying to remind myself that things work out for good in the end even if we don’t know at the time what they will be.

I truly believe that if God hadn’t wanted Mike to get that job it would have fallen through a million different ways. He’s there now and will be until Sept 3rd but the girls and I will be fine. This is a new and positive step in our lives and we are looking forward to where else God may lead us.

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My sister-in-law created these dresses by hand for the girls. They took her months and we absolutely adore the time she took on them. I thought I would share, not only as a way to brag but to show off the girls. They are getting so big.

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