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Easter 2013

The Geeklings visit the bunny, no tears.


It’s raining today. So it’s a perfect day to cuddle on the couch with a snack and watch a movie. Current pick is Fox and the Hound.

I have a feeling though that there will be no progress at the house. So much for them being done with the roof by Friday.



I wish sometimes I could have back the last 6 years, not because I wouldn’t want Miss V but because I can’t remember every little detail I wish I could. They passed so fast and its sometimes hard to remember that sweet little baby she used to be.

Miss V is 6 now and it seems so unreal. She’s such a wonderful joy to have around and makes all of our lives so rich.

Baby Geek #3

Expecting Baby Geek #3

What a wonderful gift to give to the hubby don’t you think?

I estimate my due date to be November 28th, according to my cycle.


Miss V 4 days old

It’s hard to believe that V is four today.

Born: Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 at 11:39am
Birth Stats: 6 pounds 7 ounces 20 inches long

Today: 32 pounds 2 ounces 37.5 inches (25th percentile for weight, 14th for height)


Miss V & her Tinker Bell Cake




Things going on with us at the moment:

  • A trip planned to Fairbanks for a Family Day at Mike’s work
  • Prepping for a move into the house
  • Orientation for the girls home schooling

And because thats not enough big things going on we’re adding moving my two younger sisters up to live with us.

My parents are struggling and it is so hard to sit by and watch it happen. Going to visit them throughout the month of June was a huge eye opener. It showed me just how much things have gone downhill for them while I’ve been here away from them.

My father lost his job last year, then his toes. He has not been able to secure a job since, Michigan’s economy just isn’t supportive enough. They waited on applying for disability, so sure that he’d be able to find something and it just hasn’t happened.

My mother has tried to apply for other jobs as well since she only works about 20 hours a week (thats all the company she works for is allowed to schedule people) and needs better employment. Its the same turn down everytime. “We’re sorry but you are over qualified for the position.” Basically she’s worked too long in her career and had one to many penny raises.

Their house was to go up for sale (auction for foreclosures) on July 1st. So the only home my two younger siblings knew will be gone to whoever wants it and can afford it. They’re currently living in apartment that they wont be able to stay in much longer, because with the end of my dad’s unemployment benefits (he’s already been extended and the extension has ended) they cant afford it on my moms pay.

All these things considered Mike and I feel it’s best if S and P come live with us. The upside to this also is that I’ve convinced my parents to move up here as well. They’ll be joining us later though, once they’ve heard about my dad’s disability claim and once they’ve decided what all they need to keep before they come.

I can’t imagine how it will feel for my parents to leave some of my siblings behind. But I think they’ve finally reached a point where they need to make a positive change. They’ve been supporting my sister S who is still in school (college) pretty much undecided about her future.

S is 23 and old enough now to take responsibility for herself. The fact that she’s panicking about my parents leaving because then ‘where will I live when I dont have school’ is kind of sad. She should have a paying job and look for a place of her own.

My brother M1 is 22 and currently squatting in the house that is foreclosed on. He seems to think that he can continue to just float on through life racking up student loans for failed attempt after failed attempt at school. He is in a word a jerk. He has no respect for any authority figure (the reason he’s been let go from jobs, schools, the military). I’m not sure what he plans on doing with his life either, other than possibly another attempt at culinary school in Colorado. How he plans to pay for it this time I’m not sure since the student loans he has already have started calling wanting their money.

M2 is 20 and only ever held down one job for a couple weeks. In four years he hasn’t had a single interview… Or so he says. I have serious doubts about whether all this time he’s actually looked for and applied for a job. Yes he did apply to a couple places while I was down visiting but only after being asked and getting pissed off about it. He has no home and no job. Its sad but my parents can barely support themselves how are they supposed to keep supporting another adult?

I’m so very proud of my brother D, he’s the youngest boy at 18 and freshly graduated from High School. He desperately wants to go to Eastern Michigan University. I’m praying that God will help him get the funding he needs, so that he can stay in a dorm this coming fall, and perhaps on his downtime Mike and I could fly him up here. Provided my parents are here by then and have a place of their own. That or perhaps him and his girlfriend will be able to find jobs that will help cover a small apartments rent for them there by the school. I pray that since he’s actively trying to make something for himself that God will give him what he needs.

So the only ones left are my two sisters P and S. They are 15 and 13 so too young to get jobs, too young to have to worry about supporting themselves. Mike and I want them to have a peaceful stable environment so thats why they’ll be with us. At least until my parents are here and on their own two feet.

This year hasn’t been all bad it just really feels that way. I’m trying really hard to remind myself to lean on God, and let him guide us through this. It’s hard though.

We could really use prayers of guidance and support through this time.

I know its been kind of forever, I’m not even sure many people look here anymore for updates. Just thought I’d stop in and say hi, leave an update.

Life is kind of insane at the moment, odd huh for a stay at home mom? Yep it doesn’t seem to matter that I’m home theres still not enough hours in the day to remember everything I should do. It should be interesting come this fall when the girls start school.

After careful consideration Mike and I decided that homeschooling would be best for our family. With Mike’s work schedule it is just best. That way the week he is home the girls aren’t tied to a desk at school, we can plan day trips or whatnot without the worry of them missing school.

I’ve chosen IDEA as our program, now it’s just a matter of getting all of the information taken care of. I love that both girls will start this fall. V will be on a preschool curriculum and M will be doing kindergarten work. I’m very excited about the upcoming curriculum fair and hope that I can pick up quite a few of the materials that we’ll need. The girls know it’s coming too and are looking forward to it as well I think. Not the fair but the school part.

During the month of June we will be visiting my family and friends down in Michigan. I am very much looking forward to this trip. We haven’t been down to see anyone since August of 2007, it seems so long ago. I need to get away for a while. I didn’t think it was going to be all that big of a deal to me but after the events of last year and early in this one I need it.

I didn’t post it here but most of our close friends know about it, but Mike’s father passed away on February 9th. It’s still a big adjustment and we’re still learning how to cope with it.

Our girls are growing by leaps and bounds and we are forever amazed at how much joy they bring to our lives. Even if there are days when I really consider shipping them off to a boarding school halfway around the globe. We do love them to pieces though.

I’m not sure how much more there is to say aside from just letting people know that we’re alive and well. I’ll try to be better about getting updates posted here. It really is just a matter of sitting down to do it.

FIL update: Currently my mil is fighting with insurance and the specialty hospital about what will happen within the next week regarding fil. The specialty hospital wants to move him ASAP because he doesn’t have any more medical issues. However they suggest he be moved to assisted living, virtually just a nursing home. Therapy will not be the main concern there and that really scares my mil, and me too quite frankly.

The insurance and his rehab specialist wants him in rehab. He needs to have therapy several times a day everyday if possible. He can only really move one arm and if he stays in the bed much longer there is a real possibility he will never leave it. In effect never going home.

We should know this week what they plan to do for sure. We are praying that it will be rehab. Even though it will be more painful for him it is in his best interest. There was no point in him having surgery to correct a heart problem if he is never out of the bed to reap the benefits.

Prayers that they are moved to putting him in rehab instead of assisted living(nursing home) would be greatly appreciated. Even if he ends up not being able to do rehab and goes to a nursing home, at least he would have had the chance.

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My sister-in-law created these dresses by hand for the girls. They took her months and we absolutely adore the time she took on them. I thought I would share, not only as a way to brag but to show off the girls. They are getting so big.

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