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Babies will come when they want. Sometimes when we are ready and others when we aren’t. The later is true for us. I wasn’t packed and my husband was away at work still, set to come home the next day. Baby D arrived Wednesday October 15th at 7:54pm. I went to my regular 37 week prenatal visit that morning and had just missed my doctor who had to run out and deliver a baby so I had to wait and see the midwife, who is equally wonderful. She checked my cervix which had been just barely 1cm the week before. She had a slightly surprised look on her face and asked if I’d been tracking my contractions. Which I hadn’t because I mean I’d been having them for weeks and I was pretty settled into the idea of going until my induction date of the 29th. She thought it would be a really great idea if I went directly to labor and delivery to be monitored. I was 4cm on the outer edge and 2cm on the inside. With contractions pretty regular. I got over there around 1 and ended up admitted. They broke my water at 6:50, I can’t even tell you how long I pushed for. Honestly it was only 2-3 pushes and he was here all 6lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches. I can’t believe he’s here already and that I have a little boy finally after three girls. He’s perfect!



This pregnancy has been pretty easy, if you ignore the constant heartburn and occasional cramps feeling. Signs that this is my body telling me that I shouldn’t have anymore I’m sure. That’s okay body, this is the last one I swear! Anyhow, this pregnancy has been different in that I now have hands that hurt nearly constantly. That whole pins and needles and numbness thing. I have carpal tunnel issues now. So, I’m giving a wrist brace a try on my right wrist seeing as it seems to be the worse of the two. Hopefully it helps, since nothing else will. I’m praying that the pain will go away shortly after the little dude is born. I’m just not sure how long I’ll be able to wear this thing, I can’t even stand to wear socks to bed.



These finally came. There are actually 24 total of these. 12 of the ones on the left (shown in purple) are Fuzzibunz Elite One Size all in one diapers. 12 more are like the patterned diaper which are bum genius 4.0 one size all in ones. I can not wait for Miss A to get here now… correction maybe I can lol. I think at least now I am set on diapers. Not that I wont end up buying some more here and there. So many of them are just too cute to pass up.



It’s so fun to come home to packages. Even more so when you weren’t expecting them so soon. Baby A’s first set of diaper covers arrived today. They are so cute and so tiny!! Just about 17 weeks left til she’s here.


Also her carseat covers came. They are a super soft minky material in a dark brown on the underside and a really lovely coordinating print on the other with browns and reds and blues.


Today I had a doctor appointment pretty standard prenatal visit. Had my weight checked, peed in the cup. Yep pretty standard and then we tried to find the baby’s heartbeat and couldn’t. This early it shouldn’t have raised many alarms but with the incredible amount of stress I’ve had since the house fire it was a really hard thing to swallow.

I love my doctor and her nurses though. They were determined to make sure everything was okay with our little belly bean. So they had me change rooms to one with an ultrasound machine and viola we got another picture of our little bean in the process of baking. I can’t begin to describe the relief that flooded me to know that everything was in fact okay in there. Changed my due date to December 10th. Next ultrasound will be at 12 weeks for the nuchal translucency testing.

Baby Geek #3

Expecting Baby Geek #3

What a wonderful gift to give to the hubby don’t you think?

I estimate my due date to be November 28th, according to my cycle.

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