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Today my mother in law sold her camper trailer. It was something that was hard and sad to do. It was a part of Dad, and something she loved to do with him. We made some amazing memories in that trailer. I’m sure she made even more. I’m sort of sad because Miss A never got to sleep in that trailer, and never will. Neither will the peanut. It’s a reminder that he left us much too soon. Two of my children will never get to meet him this side of Heaven. It doesn’t sit well. Though, we all must keep on, I just hope that I can share enough with them that they may know how wonderful he was. I miss him daily. I’m so glad to have the husband I have, he reminds me of him often. I know that he was only my father in law, but he was so much more. He had become a friend that I loved to hang out with when everyone else was at work. Miss M and Miss V used to play with him, I pray they remember how much he loved them.

Saying goodbye to pieces of him is so bittersweet. Mainly due to how much of him we lost when we had our house fire back in 2012. Every little thing dredges up the memories. It’ll be 5 years in February since he went home to be with the Lord and still its all so very fresh.

It seems a little silly to get sentimental over a trailer, especially one I didn’t privately own. I am however very at peace with the couple who bought it from my mother in law. They will be able to use it for their dog handler they just hired. It’s a make shift home that will work perfectly for what they need it for. I’d like to believe that meeting them also put my mother in law at ease over selling it. That God had somehow lined up the perfect couple to own it.


This week has been so busy. I looked at my calendar and really, it shouldn’t have been so crazy. It was the final week of the semester at school for the girls, there was something every day basically. A four day week that felt like it was 15! Well not really I guess but it sure felt like it.

Our little Miss A has started walking. Like one day she wouldn’t even stand in the middle of the floor for you and now she’s all over the place. Doing laps around the island, carrying things around and exploring on her own. Its so exciting and yet so sad. A year goes by in a blink now and I just sometimes wish I could have time time back. Miss M is 9! I can’t wrap my head around that. I don’t feel like I should be a mom to a child that is halfway to an age where she could move out.

I thought for sure I’d be able to post from my phone. I’m hoping that I can now that winter break has started , maybe things will slow down. The Hubs comes home Monday afternoon, then Christmas is so close. I have a few things I still would love to pick up, things that need to be wrapped, but not a whole lot. I just need a couple minutes to breathe, a single day of hitting the pause.

Sorry for the randomness of this post, it’s late and I’m exhausted from a full week. But I just wanted to at least post something. It’s a goal.

The last two days I’ve had a mix of happy Christmas spirit and all consuming rage against a few people. It takes a toll on ones total over all mood when they are mad. What stinks is not being able to say anything to those people. Having to take the ‘higher road’ and sit with your hands behind your back and ignore it because you don’t want to make it worse for the person they are screwing over. Actually, maybe thats not right. They aren’t screwing anyone over, they are just being shifty and think they know everything. They don’t care what you think or that you’re trying to warn them.

I’ve waffled through the emotions of hoping that Karma will bite them on the rear end and just wishing they’d open their eyes before its too late. So very frustrating. Even more so when you can’t do a damn thing about it.

People who crap on other people and constantly get what they want just isn’t fair. But then, I guess life isn’t and will never be fair. All we can do is try to breathe and look at tomorrow hoping it’ll be better than today. <— high road

I just don’t know if I’m ready to let go of being angry about it. Give me a couple days. For now I wish I’d been blessed with laser vision so I could take them out. I’m just not ready for the high road.

I love Saturday mornings when I can sleep in past six. In the winter it’s easier to be fooled into sleeping even later. This morning I finally got up at around eight thirty. It was hard though, as you can see by the picture. It’s still very dark outside. I had to force myself out of my nice warm bed where I was cuddling Miss A mainly because the fur kids had started pacing in the living room. They can’t be trusted not to eat anything that isn’t bigger than them.

I’m looking forward to when we start getting our light back.


I know its been kind of forever, I’m not even sure many people look here anymore for updates. Just thought I’d stop in and say hi, leave an update.

Life is kind of insane at the moment, odd huh for a stay at home mom? Yep it doesn’t seem to matter that I’m home theres still not enough hours in the day to remember everything I should do. It should be interesting come this fall when the girls start school.

After careful consideration Mike and I decided that homeschooling would be best for our family. With Mike’s work schedule it is just best. That way the week he is home the girls aren’t tied to a desk at school, we can plan day trips or whatnot without the worry of them missing school.

I’ve chosen IDEA as our program, now it’s just a matter of getting all of the information taken care of. I love that both girls will start this fall. V will be on a preschool curriculum and M will be doing kindergarten work. I’m very excited about the upcoming curriculum fair and hope that I can pick up quite a few of the materials that we’ll need. The girls know it’s coming too and are looking forward to it as well I think. Not the fair but the school part.

During the month of June we will be visiting my family and friends down in Michigan. I am very much looking forward to this trip. We haven’t been down to see anyone since August of 2007, it seems so long ago. I need to get away for a while. I didn’t think it was going to be all that big of a deal to me but after the events of last year and early in this one I need it.

I didn’t post it here but most of our close friends know about it, but Mike’s father passed away on February 9th. It’s still a big adjustment and we’re still learning how to cope with it.

Our girls are growing by leaps and bounds and we are forever amazed at how much joy they bring to our lives. Even if there are days when I really consider shipping them off to a boarding school halfway around the globe. We do love them to pieces though.

I’m not sure how much more there is to say aside from just letting people know that we’re alive and well. I’ll try to be better about getting updates posted here. It really is just a matter of sitting down to do it.

Honestly I’m really glad that I saw the movie prior to reading the book. They are so very different. I’m glad that I watched the movie first because had I read the book then watched it, I think I would have been very disappointed. I mean I can see the appeal of updating it.  And I appreciated the story line as well as seeing Will Smith as the lead role.  But I loved the book more. I wish they had stuck to Richard Matheson’s telling of it.

Its a short read, and not at all that very violent. Not like how I expected it to be after seeing the movie.

Why is it not okay to kill animals for food, or anything like that, but its perfectly okay and accepted to kill babies?

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