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Miss M is a 4th grader and Miss V is a 3rd grader. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Here’s hoping this year is just as wonderful as last year!!



Where to start…

Maybe at we have been back in our home since June. It’s not finished, well it is but they haven’t finished fixing issues. It seems that more crop up before things can be truly done. My husband and I want nothing more than to buy it from his mother. We still haven’t started the process. Need to have the contractors out of the way. I could list whats wrong but I would have a page worth and then some and you’d be bored to tears. I know I am just thinking of them. Or maybe I’d like to just scream for a while but it wouldn’t help so whats the point.

I decided at the end of the school year last year that I wanted to home school starting in the 2013 year and hopefully do that successfully until the girls graduated. I failed. Mainly due to choosing the wrong sponsor teacher, or having one issue crop up after another at our home. Or maybe I was just trying to do something that wasn’t exactly what was planned for me to do. My daughters do well in school so choosing to home school was mostly a want on my part. I’d always wanted to be a teacher growing up, though somewhere along the way I desired more to be a mom. I feel thats my main calling. To just be their mom. At any rate my daughters are re-enrolled in public school. They love it more than me. At least I feel that way.

It’s hard to shake that feeling of failure but I’m going to try. They are happy, they do well and that’s what should matter most. I still feel like there were so many things that went into foiling our chances. But I’ve decided that from here on out this will be our life. They will go be taught at school and I will wait patiently at home til they return. I have hobbies and once Miss A has gotten big enough to allow me to do them perhaps I will again.

I’ve decided that I will blog again. Maybe it will seem mundane to most. Boring or stupid but I have recently felt the need to make sure that I have some kind of diary. As I hate writing (can’t stand my own hand writing) in actual journals I suppose typing will be the way to go. Theres really no reason I shouldn’t be able to post something as I have a spiffy phone with an awesome little wordpress app. It’s just a matter of not being lazy about it.

So here I am. At the beginning again. Sometimes you just need a do over.

Aka drag well kids to the doctor office and pray they don’t pick up some weird sickness from the other people there the week before school starts.

All joking aside it was nice to go once this summer when one of them wasn’t sick. Both are doing pretty good. Here’s a breakdown of how my girls stack up.

Miss M:
Weight: 55.4lbs (51 percentile)
Height: 3 foot 11 1/4 inches (12 percentile)
BMI= 17.4 or the 77 percentile but a very healthy weight
Vision: 30/20R 40/20L
BP: 102/68 sitting

Miss V:
Weight: 41.2lbs (28 percentile)
Height: 3 foot 7 5/8 inches (18 percentile)
BMI: 15.2 or the 50th percentile also a very healthy weight
Vision: 30/20R 30/20L
BP: 92/58 sitting

In other words they are perfect. But we do need to start seeing the eye doctor and so I’ve set that appointment up. The next visit they both have is to the dentist to have some fillings done the last week in August. Miss M begins school on August 22nd and Miss V goes a week later on the 29th. Now that the exam and registration is done we are just waiting for the days to pass.

My girls goofing off wearing the super cute and stylish Dr. Suess paper gowns for their physicals. Miss M dubbed them “Paper Princesses”. Works for me!




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