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Babies will come when they want. Sometimes when we are ready and others when we aren’t. The later is true for us. I wasn’t packed and my husband was away at work still, set to come home the next day. Baby D arrived Wednesday October 15th at 7:54pm. I went to my regular 37 week prenatal visit that morning and had just missed my doctor who had to run out and deliver a baby so I had to wait and see the midwife, who is equally wonderful. She checked my cervix which had been just barely 1cm the week before. She had a slightly surprised look on her face and asked if I’d been tracking my contractions. Which I hadn’t because I mean I’d been having them for weeks and I was pretty settled into the idea of going until my induction date of the 29th. She thought it would be a really great idea if I went directly to labor and delivery to be monitored. I was 4cm on the outer edge and 2cm on the inside. With contractions pretty regular. I got over there around 1 and ended up admitted. They broke my water at 6:50, I can’t even tell you how long I pushed for. Honestly it was only 2-3 pushes and he was here all 6lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches. I can’t believe he’s here already and that I have a little boy finally after three girls. He’s perfect!



Today we closed on our very first home. It was built in 1971, my hubby’s parents bought it before their first son was born. My hubby was born and raised in this house as well. It’s amazing to me that we can now officially call it ours. Although I guess not technically until tomorrow, and the bank owns it until we pay it off in 30 years. But technically it is ours now. I’m so thrilled this process is over. The stress was so great and I hadn’t realized just how bad until the lady at the title company today said ‘and that’s the last one, let me just go get you some copies!’, the weight that was lifted was wonderful.

I look forward to living here and watching my children grow up in the house their dad did. I feel closer to my father in law here too. There isn’t many days that go by when I don’t think of him. Even today my hubby and I talked about him. I think it would put his heart and mind at peace to know that we love this house enough to stay as long as we can. Also that my mother in law has decided to stay as well.

Here’s to many more years of joyful memories.

This is how it is basically every night/morning. She came into the bed around 2 am this time. Not sure how it’s gonna work out once we have a newborn sharing as well. I wish I could come up with a way to get her to stay in her own bed all night. But on the other hand they are only this way for so long and she’s one of the best cuddle bugs! IMG_8167.JPG

This pregnancy has been pretty easy, if you ignore the constant heartburn and occasional cramps feeling. Signs that this is my body telling me that I shouldn’t have anymore I’m sure. That’s okay body, this is the last one I swear! Anyhow, this pregnancy has been different in that I now have hands that hurt nearly constantly. That whole pins and needles and numbness thing. I have carpal tunnel issues now. So, I’m giving a wrist brace a try on my right wrist seeing as it seems to be the worse of the two. Hopefully it helps, since nothing else will. I’m praying that the pain will go away shortly after the little dude is born. I’m just not sure how long I’ll be able to wear this thing, I can’t even stand to wear socks to bed.


So now that there are only so many days left I realize I never posted that I am pregnant. We are actually having a boy this time. Which is nice considering it’s our last. The peanut is due November 3rd.


Miss A is 21 months old today. It goes by so fast. She’s a huge ball of energy all the time and goes and goes until she finally conks out. It’s going to be so interesting to see how she is once the peanut is born


This year I had the pleasure of bringing it in with my DH, my sister and my brother! It wasn’t very eventful, watched a few neighbors set off illegal fireworks. Had some bubbly and played some Wii U.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy since then. Though we haven’t actually done very much. I’m not sure how that works but it seems by the end of the day I’ve done nothing but it was full. If someone could figure out how time passes this way I’d love to have them explain it to me.

I’m beat tired as I type this but I’m waiting for diapers to dry enough for me to leave them and go to bed. Thus is the glamorous life of a mom of a one year old. I’ve cheated on my cloth diapers lately though and I really should stop. It’s not too happy on the pocket book to keep buying paper diapers when I have a nice stash of fluff. On the flip side, I do feel like I’d love to add to said fluff stash and washing them makes me want to buy more.  Which really isn’t good on the pocket book.

I took my older girls to see Frozen today. Very cute movie and not exactly what I was expecting, which was refreshing. Possible spoiler ahead so if you’d rather you could skip to the next paragraph. I loved that it didn’t take a boy/man to fix the problem. That the girls had to look within themselves to break a curse. It was really quick paced and there was a lot of little comedy things that were cute. I loved that my girls got to see the strength of sisters. I look forward to owning this one once it’s released to dvd/bluray.

This year will be a fun one. I’ve decided to start a memory jar. Yes, as if I need more things to remember to do, but I think this one will be a good one. It’s sitting here on my desk and I look forward to adding more than just the one note I have in it so far. Hmm… perhaps I could add about the movie today. Yes, that was a happy memory, my mother in law even came along.

My resolutions for this year:

  • Get organized!
  • Meal plan, eat less processed meals, eat out only once every other week… hopefully!
  • Work out more, even if its at home.
  • Buy the house
  • Be content not to accomplish any of the above as long as my family is happy and healthy (me included) except for buying the house. That’s a very important one.

I’d also like to send my family birthday cards on time this year, and to my good friends. Oh and anniversary cards, whats the point of having the days marked in my calendar if I do nothing with it?

I’m off, I know this post is several days late but well, I’m a mommy first. Happy 2014, may the Lord bless anyone who reads this (even if you don’t believe in Him) greatly in this coming year.


I find it truly amazing how fun these girls are. My true heart wandering around outside of me!

Holy crow! Christmas was busy busy! I wasn’t prepared even though I had all my shopping done. Except for food shopping. The 23rd I woke up sick with an odd stomach virus. It was horrid and threw off my whole schedule. My hubby came in that day also so it was just hectic and didn’t really stop from there.
Christmas Eve we went out to my parents to celebrate my sisters 19th birthday. Then rushed home at 8:30 so the girls could open their Christmas Eve gift from us. This is always pjs but this year they also got a Christmas themed movie and popcorn. So they took popcorn and a movie downstairs. Then we waited for them to go to sleep finally around 10 so we could finish prepping for Christmas morning.
All in all Christmas wonderful. We had more family with us this year and it was beautiful. Even with a few bumps, like my dads car deciding it was just too cold at -10F to start.
I’m looking forward to packing away the Christmas decorations after New Years and getting to start a brand new year.
2014 is hopefully going to be a great year!


Since August 2010 my youngest two sisters have lived with us. There has been ups and downs and every imaginable mood shift known to females! But I can honestly say that I’ve loved having them here. I had very limited contact with them between Feb 2002 and the time they moved up to live with us. Since then one of them has turned 18 and graduated from High School, and gotten one semester of college under her belt.

Recently she’s taken to being very much not home. Even when she is home she finds ways to avoid us, or picks a fight and hiding in her room. She’s dropped pretty big bombs on our family from time to time. Enough to make you want to scream and yell at her. Then it gets quiet. In the last month we’ve had several blow ups. Now that Christmas is just days away she’s decided to drop another proverbial bomb on us.

Apparently its time for her to move out. At least she believes this. She wants to try new things. I can respect this! It’s hard to be the one with the experience and want to offer advice. The letter she gave me explaining why she’s doing what she’s doing blatantly tells me that she wants nothing to do with my advice or opinions. She’s annoyed by our mother being worried and thus giving her own opinions.

I was in her shoes, sort of but not really back in late 2001 and 2002 before I moved across the country. I’ve made so many mistakes in my past and I’ve owned up to them, asked for forgiveness from God. I just wish that she would listen maybe to some sense. But I feel it will be wasted and fall on deaf ears. I love her to pieces and I want her to make good decisions. I want so much to see her succeed but I think she’s blinded by this boy she’s seeking that she’s stopped to look and see just how much her actions affect the rest of us who care deeply for her.

Moving out, getting married, then moving across the country, then months later becoming separated then divorced was extremely hard. I had no one here, my family was thousand miles away. I was forced to deal with so much so soon. I wish I had listened to my parents and friends sooner. At the time I should have. Though here I am today, three beautiful daughters, a wonderful and loving (though silly most of the time and hard headed) husband, and a home that is finally starting to actually look and feel like home I can’t say that I would change things really. Doesn’t change the fact I wish I had listened.

I don’t believe she’s ready to listen and actually understand my advice. I don’t think she really cares about my opinion. Just wish she would have stopped to talk to me. I wouldn’t have judged her. I’m not mad she’s moving out. I’m so proud of her for all she’s accomplished with what she’s been through. Just wish it went down a little different. Kinda wish that I mattered a little bit.

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